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Every account sold on our website has an unverified email address. This way you can use your own email address to protect your account and get a free 4-Win IP-Boost

Instant delivery

Our system will send your account information to your email address as soon as we receive your payment. You can start playing right away.

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We offer our customers very competitive prices because we believe that smurf accounts should be affordable for everyone.

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All accounts sold on our website have 0 ranked games played. Get a new try at your placement matches and leave elo-hell behind you.


All of our accounts have 0 purchases made. This allows you to choose which champions and runes you want to buy. You can even use the influence points to choose a new Summoner Name.


Do you have any questions about our accounts or do you have problems with an account that you received? Our staff will answer your questions in less than 24 hours.


A company that strives to offer League of Legends smurf accounts at a cheap price. We are not affiliated with Riot Games.
You will receive your account as soon as the payment is processed. This usually takes about 2 minutes for PayPal transactions and about 10-30 minutes for Bitcoin transactions.
League of Legends accounts cannot be refunded. We only offer replacement accounts or refunds if the account got banned for account sharing or botting within 14 days of the purchase.
We do not "produce" any products. Our service only provides you with access to accounts that are leveled by our systems. The accounts remain property of Riot Games, we only offer access to the account information.
Currently we can only offer automatic delivery for payments made with PayPal, Bitcoin or credit cards.
You can contact us at or add us on Skype: AniviaSmurfs




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